Formal Education is not the only key to success by Director Sheivlipo of Sheivlipo Multimedia

Sheivlipo, CEO of Sheivlipo Multimedia     I’ve always argued and wondered if being successful person has something to do with one’s academics,that is getting good grades to be precise.Being a successful person has nothing to do with getting good grades.Formal Education is very essential and crucial though.At least your literacy is assured,exposes one to new things and through school’s a person can make a new friends.Formal education indeed has a lot of importance and has played a significant roles in the success of people.

Parents would say they send their children to school so they (the children) can have bright future and look after them. But my question is does formal education has anything to do with success? Can’t one be successful without school? Is a person who does not have high education automatically a failure? Our forefathers had no formal education yet most of them were successful was it by fortune or coincidence?

Nana Ama McBrown,Kweku Manu,Shatta Wale,Liwin and many more you know have no education or high educational background but are successful in life and their names can be mentioned anytime names of rich people are being mentioned. Not only them, Akua Donkor – the leader of Ghana Freedom Party has no educational background but she is very rich and successful farmer and business woman. Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Katanka has no good educational background but he is living successfully. Today we can’t talk about media houses without FM stations like Peace FM,Okay FM and Hello FM, all the these FM stations belong to a man who has no good educational background by name Osei Kwame.
One might attribute their success to money rituals but also bear in mind that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover and God still blesses people. To me,it is all about diligence,persistence,perseverance and above all prayers.
My brothers and sisters,when you don’t do well in class,don’t see yourself as an unworthy person.Y ou might also be better than the one who tops your class in one way or the other. No one is monopoly of all potentials. Maybe they are good in class and you are also good on the field, focus on your talent. When someone performs abysmally in class,that person should not be disdained and belittled by friends. Teachers should therefore stop the habit of looking down or insulting those student who perform for the school during school games and don’t do well in class. Let us not discourage or pull their legs but rather encourage them with what they can also do.
Oh yes,everybody want their own to be a doctor,lawyer,journalist etcetera perhaps that is even the csuse of the huge unemployment in the country but we can’t be all that alone. Some have to be musicians,footballers,actors and actresses,carpenters,farmers etc. Some will make it through school while others will not. Do not let us (to parents and caretakers) compare the performances of their wards to others who are better and raise insults on them. Even the fingers are not equal,how much more individuals. Let us rather help our children to build their talents. Yes, formal education is very important but if it is success you want for your child,then help them build their talents.
All of us can’t do white collar jobs,others will also succeed from blue collar jobs. It sounds funny right? Is it football that your child can play? Help them play it better. Whatever they are passionate about, don’t discourage them but rather support and help them achieve their goals. Let us clear the fallacy “Education is the key to success” and implant in our minds “Success is about perseverance,diligence,persistence and prayers”.

Formal Education is not the only gateway to success.

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