We are living in a selfish generation by Sheivlipo

TOPIC: We are living in a generation of SELFISHNESS

You are angry that nobody bought you a gift on Val’s Day,you who did you buy a gift for?On your birthday you want to be surprised with gifts and singing happy birthday songs to you,spraying flowers etc and if this things didn’t happen it means you are not in happy relationship .Most of you girls have boyfriends that are going through life challenges but you don’t even notice it because your eyes are glued to your own happiness,all you concentrate about s how much he can spoil you and make you happy. We live in a generation of selfishness.

When you want a free work you go to your friend but once you have the money you pay someone else to do the job for you. This days mothers don’t care about where their daughters go to,they tell them when they are returning they should bring pizza,foods etc. You say you want to date someone who has this and that but what do you have?…..nothing!Most of you have friends who are talented,you don’t listen to their music,you don’t watch their videos but once you start contesting for an award of Mrs This or Mr That,you start sending everyone a message telling them to vote for you and when they don’t vote for you,you get depressed and sad,are you not selfish?.

You give someone a cup of water when you are in a position to give them a bucket of water and today,that person you gave a cup of water is succeeding and you are expecting a bucket of water in return.Your friend is contesting for a political position,you did not vote for him,you voted for someone else you thinking his chance of winning is slim and today,he is the Minister helping a lot of people and you are angry that he had not helped you. Dont you think you are wicked?

You only talk to people when you see them posting nice pictures on social media- you be like ” hey wosop Sheivlipo”,”you look dhope Faustina”…You are selfish. You focus on your rich friends and forget about the poor ones forgetting that life changes. You tell people you don’t surround yourself with poor people. What do you mean by rich people?When you have money you enjoy your life alone but the moment you get broke you start calling innocent people fake friends,nobody cares about.Dont you think you are selfish?

When your friends are struggling you did not notice them but look at them today, they’ve succeeded and you are angry that they are not giving you attention. Your sister leave her poor boyfriend to date a rich man,you are happy and even join your sister for thanksgivings at chapel but when your girlfriend left you to date someone richer than you,you start cursing the girl. Don’t let strangers help your friends before you help them.

If you are sitting on gold,diamond,oil,manganese etc and your people don’t have food,are you not selfish?If you take all the resources intended for the development of your country for personal property,what do you think you are?When you buy weapons from strangers to kill your own citizens because of power,are you human???

Pls Don’t be Selfish..

Written by the CEO of Sheivlipo Multimedia,Mr. Benjamin A. Enchill (Sheivlipo)

CEO of Sheivlipo Multimedia

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